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          8-2 Internet教案單元設計.doc

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          4. 文檔侵權舉報電話:18428362892(電話支持時間:9:00-19:00)。
          教學環節 及 時間分配 教學過程(教學內容) 組織教學 2min 檢查胸卡佩帶情況; 清點學生人數,填寫教學日志。 復習提問 13min 請說出下列詞匯的中文意思: (1) stack (2) remote (3) terminal (4) path (5) document (6) URL (7) browser (8) FTP (9) Telnet (10) HTTP 授 新 30min 申請信 申請信主要包括: 1) 申請的目的、申請的職務、從哪里得到的信息; 2) 概要你申請這一職務的主要資歷; 3) 提出你的申請條件。 樣文: Writing : Write a letter of application for job about computer. How to Do: 如何有效使用E-mail Did you know that a lot of E-mail never gets read? Busy people quickly scan their E-mail to select with messages to read and discard the rest. Here are a few simple tips to help ensure that your E-mail messages are read: 課堂訓練40min 課堂訓練 40min 2. Write In Short Paragraphs. It’s also a good idea to skip a line between paragraphs. This will make your E-mail easier to read and more likely to be read. 3. Be Careful What You Write. You could be help criminally liable for messages that could be interpreted to be abusive, threatening, harassing, or bigoted. 4. Don Not Type In All Uppercase Characters. This is called shouting and is perceived as very aggressive. Also, do not type in all lower characters. This is perceived as very timid. Use a normal combination of uppercase and lowercase characters 三、計算機Email地址中的@符號含義 通過提問學生,訓練他們的英語翻譯能力 復習提問 5min 回顧學習重點。 布置下一次課的學習內容。