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          廣西壯族自治區玉林市陸川實驗中學2021年高一英語月考試題含解析 一、 選擇題 1. ---Do you think their team will win the basketball match? ?? ---________. ?? A. I don’t believe??? B. I believe not so???? C. I believe not???? D. I don’t believe it 參考答案: C 略 2. -----Tony said he could fix my bicycle, but I really doubt it. ----- _____.He’s good at that sort of thing. A. Don’t worry??????????????? B. Of course C.A piece of cake????????????? D.I couldn’t agree more 參考答案: A 3. She will tell us why she feels so strongly that each of us has a role ____in making the earth a better place to live. ?????? A. to have played?? B. to play? C. to be played? D. to be playing 參考答案: B 4. _____ is obvious that reading in bed does great harm to your eyes. A. This?????????? B. That??????????? C. They????????????? D. It 參考答案: D 5. The reason why the dinosaurs died out remains unknown. They ______ by an enormous volcanic eruption. A. would have killed? ??? B. might have been killed C. should have been killed????? ????? D. must have killed 參考答案: B 6. We insist that all school students, especially those from the poor areas, should have a ??? balanced  to keep fit. ??? A. meal ?B. diet ?C. feast ?D. food 參考答案: B 略 7. The poor girl has to see the doctor because she ________ a lot lately. A. coughed?????? B. coughs????????? C. had coughed?????? D. has been coughing 參考答案: D 試題分析:句意:這個可憐的女孩因為近來一直咳嗽不得不去看醫生。根據時間狀語lately和動作一直在進行,要用現在完成進行時,結構為have∕has been doing,故選D. 8. ????? the police haven’t dismissed the idea, they are looking into other possibilities as well. A. Before??? B. If C. As??? D. While 參考答案: D 考查狀語從句的連詞辨析。句意:雖然警方沒有駁回這一想法,但他們也在尋找其他可能性。分析句子前后兩句是轉折關系,分析四個選項可知,只有while是表示轉折關系,故選D項。 9. You’d better _______ your score and see if you have passed the exam. A. add up to???? B. add to??????????? C. add up????????? D. add 參考答案: C 10. ― Why ______ you stay in the countryside, where it is not convenient to go shopping? ―But I’ve found it rather valuable for my health. A. can????????????????????????? B. must?????????????????????? C.