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          四川省樂山市馬邊中學2021年度高一英語聯考試題含解析 一、 選擇題 1. Must I get through the business in one evening?? No, you _______. ? A. mustn’t???? B. haven’t????? C. needn’t to? D. don’t have to 參考答案: D 2. Do you think it is? good manners to stare at a foreigner in ???curious manner? ? A.the:the??? B./;a??? C./;/? D.the;a 參考答案: B 略 3. ?I ______ her, but I never could. ?? A. ought to help???? B. must help???? ??C. must have helped??? D. ought to have helped 參考答案: D 4. —How many students do you think will be present at the meeting? —I expect ______ 20 students at the meeting. A.there being??? B.there to be C.there be??? D.there been 參考答案: B 【詳解】 考查expect的用法和there be 句型。句意:——你認為會有多少學生出席這個會議?——我預計會有20個學生。expect to do表示“期待去做”,所以后面的there be 句型用不定式結構,故B項正確。 5. .????????? I like it, I won’t buy it, for it’s too expensive. A.Much as B.As much C.So much D.Too much 參考答案: A 6. It is what you do rather than what you say ______ matters. A. that ??????? B. what ?????? C. which ????? D. this 參考答案: A 7. No government so far has been able to??? the number of jobs available with the number of people out of work. A. provide?????????????? B. weigh???????? C. multiply??????? D. balance 參考答案: D 略 4. The USA __on several countries in the past years, which reminds us that a nation must be strong if it ___. A. has started war; is to survive???? B. started war; is going to survive C. had started war; will survive???? D. has started war; is about to survive 參考答案: A 略 9. —How about seeing a film this afternoon?? —____ I haven’ t seen any for a year. ? A. No chance????? B. Go ahead???? C. Why not?????? D. My pleasure 參考答案: C 10. —Didn’t you find the film exciting? —_____, I nearly fell asleep half way through it! A. As a result ?????????????????? ????????B. In other words????????????? C. On the contrary ????????? ????????????D. After all 參考答案: C 11. Of these two basketball teams, the former comes from Xinjiang while the????? comes from Guangdong. A. late??? ??????????????????? B. later??? ????????????????