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          2017年安徽省文化素質分類考試英語試題 .docx

          2017年安徽省文化素質分類考試英語試題 .docx

          1. 1、本文檔共5頁,可閱讀全部內容。
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          4. 文檔侵權舉報電話:18428362892(電話支持時間:9:00-19:00)。
          '. . 英語試題(60 分) 語法和詞匯(共 15 小題:每小題 2 分,共 30 分) 從每小題給出的四個選項中,選出可以填入空白處的最佳選項,并在答題卡上將該項涂黑。 61. —Dad,I’m going to school now. —. A. Thank you B. My pleasure C. Take care D. Same to you 62. The story was so that we all laughed. A. sad B. boring C. funny D. long 63. One of my family is that we should speak in polite way. A. rules B. dreams C. plans D. Tasks 64. Children need to learn the difference right and wrong. A. in B. between C. among D. from 65. Paul a toy company since 1990. A. has run B. runs C. is running D. ran 66. —Waiter, this fork is dirty. — , sir. Here is a clean one. A. You’re welcome B. No way C. See you D. I’m sorry 67. Nancy was not feeling well this morning. she still went to school as usual. A. Instead B. Therefore C. However D. Otherwise 68. —Susan , what are you doing? — I’m my glasses. I can’t. A. looking after B. looking for C. putting down D. putting away 69. Peter is the only student can make a robot in his school. A. who B. as C. whom D. Which 70. is important for everybody to be honest to friends. A. Such B. That C. it D. this 71. Ann a book by the window when the phone rang. A. read B. was reading C. is reading D. reads 72. Bill plays football every day , ? A. doesn’t he B. isn’t he